We try our possible best to make sure that the correct product and in perfect working condition is shipped out. We encourage all our buyers to make a video or take photos during un-boxing of any product bought from us.

During delivery or pick-up from your local post office, inspect the parcel / product and make sure that there’s no damage and if there’s a damage due to shipping or delivery insist that you file a damage report as we will not refund or be responsible for damages done by the logistics company.

If you purchased any product from our website and noticed that something is broken or you got the wrong color, we highly recommend you make photos or a video of the product, especially during the un-boxing and contact us within 7 days of buying the product. Please understand that after 14 days you may not get a refund.

We reserve the right to determine which return or refund request is justified, based on delivery report by courier service, description, delivery address and many more details available to us directly or implied. Refund will be granted only to orders that meet the laid-out policy.

Before returning or shipping a product back to us. It is vital that we are contacted so as to negotiate the mode and means of return. If a product is to be returned, it must meet the following conditions:

  • Not exceed 14 days from the delivery date
  • Must be packed in original shipping box
  • Product must Not have been tempered with.
  • Product was paid for (Not a Free gift)
  • Product must be within warranty period
  • Reason for return must be clear and precise
  • Order ID must be provided

If you intend to return a product and ask for a full or partial refund, please complete the form below with as much details as possible.

return process

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